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“Having a child with autism can be challenging, however those challenges are miniscule compared to the challenges of navigating the educational system, learning about your child’s legal rights, and accessing appropriate quality services. Dr. Ivana truly wants to see every one of the children she works with achieve their highest potential and she works tirelessly to connect parents to resources and assistance that will make the job of navigating the bureaucracy easier and less overwhelming. As a clinician, she is meticulously dedicated to quality therapy and evaluations. As an advocate, she is dedicated to the rights of all children to connect to opportunities to realize their full potential.”

Farrah R.


“Dr. Ivana’s sessions with our son were instrumental in moving him forward and allowing his personality and intellectual abilities to shine through. We witnessed amazing progress during his time with Dr. Ivana, and with her help, have been able to carry over all of the techniques that she explained to us, which were so valuable for our son’s continued social and academic success.” 

          L. N.

"Dr. Ivana is caring and very dedicated to helping children learn and reach their goals. We met Dr. Ivana through an early intervention program 8 years ago and I still consult with her from time to time. My son flourished with her help and guidance. He wouldn't be where he is today - he is on the Principal's list and is student of the month at his school."

Linda T.


"With Dr. Ivana’s help, after one year of early intervention services, my daughter was de-classified from her diagnosis and transitioned to a preschool in an integrated classroom. By the time my daughter began elementary school, she no longer needed any special education services and she will soon graduate from her middle school with honors. I was able to consult with Dr. Ivana about decisions related to my daughter’s education for many years, even after her direct services with my daughter ended."

Arelis C.


“Gracias a la ayuda de Dra. Ivana, después de un año de intervención temprana, mi hija fué desclasificada de su diagnóstico y pudo hacer la transición a una escuela pre-escolar integrada. Cuando mi hija comenzó la escuela primaria, ya no necesitó ningún servicio especial. Hasta el dia de hoy, ella es una estudiante que se gradua con honores. No obstante había finalizado su trabajo, yo pude consultar con la Dra. Ivana sobre desiciones relacionadas con su educación durante los años siguientes.”

Arelis C.

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